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All you need to know about our company

Who We Are

Lata Industries, specialists in manufacturing packaging material made out of HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE. Our mission is to deliver superior quality products at competitive prices the first time, on time and every time & also to provide high quality film and bags that fulfill the packaging needs of our many customers in an environmentally responsible manner.

Lata Industries, is the new name for packaging material supplies which is based on proven experience and thorough knowledge of major industrial markets. Whether is a small or large job, We are committed in providing our customers with unparalleled customer service and quality products at a competitive price. We will make every effort to exceed your expectation and it’s our mission to provide quality plastic films and timely deliveries to tackle the most demanding projects. We do manufacture Polyethylene Disposable Hand Gloves which are available in wrist, elbow, and shoulder lengths. Our company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of PE series products and other disposable products in Ahmedabad Gujarat (India). Our main products include all kinds of PE & CPE Plastic Disposable Hand Gloves, Plastic Hand Gloves Pair Packing and Individual Packing, Plastic Veterinary Gloves, Plastic Disposable Apron, Plastic Shoe Cover Elastic, Plastic Shower Cap, Plastic Table Cloth, Plastic Barricade Tapes, Plastic Caution Tapes, Plastic Garbage Bag, Bio Medical Waste Collection Bag in various colors with printing, Vinyl Gloves Powder Free, Nitrile Gloves Powder Free, Food Grade Gloves, Latex Surgical Gloves, also various Plastic Treated Plastic Rolls, Plastic Films with different specifications, etc. all under one roof. Our products are mainly used for medical examination, laboratories, food processing, house cleaning, industrial market and other various fields.

We extrude a wide range of films using custom resin blends to meet our customer’s exact requirements for strength, print quality, breath ability and durability. Our company’s highly trained employees are dedicated to provide superior quality products on-time deliveries and personalized

We also make tubing and sheeting in various dimensions for the retail, industrial and agricultural sectors.

What We offer!

The Company offers customers global coverage and expertise

Our professionals offer one-stop service, cost effective and innovative packaging solutions are tailored to the customer’s business and products by using the most advanced technology.

LATA INDUSTRIES is the choice for total packaging solutions.

WE understand the rigorous demands and requirements of the health care industry. The greatest care and high-quality manufacturing standards ensure performance and reliability of our products.

Packaging is a crucial tool for sales & promotion. Better packaging half solves the problem of marketing.

We have a variety of packing solutions to choose from, we give all our customers individual attention to offer them competitive solutions.

We have been in the plastic packaging business long enough to understand the core essentials required to be successful.

Our customers keep us in business
Our price must be competitive and sometimes creative!
Our designs focus on display, durability, and detail.
Our products are guaranteed recyclable.
Our delivery dates are well-communicated and prompt.
Our production capacity always exceeds the present demand.
Our guarantee is customer contentment – beyond satisfaction.

To innovate cost-effective solutions has been a constant process at LATA INDUSTRIES